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Time for new Kitchen or Living Room Flooring?

See our wood flooring options by room.

Just like your style, every room in your home is unique–each has its own purpose, its own identity, and its own use. So, how do you make sure your flooring fits your room's unique purpose?


The best floor for every room depends on many factors; luckily at Forest Wood Flooring, we have hundreds of custom wood flooring colors and finishes to suit every room's style. Get inspired below and learn why hardwood flooring is the perfect flooring option for every room.


Hardwood floors don’t absorb dust or debris, making it easy to clean and the perfect option for your kitchen flooring. Some wood finishes are better than others for kitchens. Let us help you determine the best type for your kitchen's aesthetic. 

Dining Rooms

Spills happen. Don’t let that stop you from designing your dream dining room. Whether your space is for formal entertaining or daily use, the durability of hardwood flooring means your floors will look good and last a lifetime.  

Living Rooms

Want to elevate your living room game? At Forest Wood Flooring we have plenty of stylish finishes and customizable options to choose from, plus our living room wood flooring can be swept or vacuumed so it’s super easy to maintain.



Remember Winter? Yeah, us too. Salt and snow are annoying enough, don’t let them ruin your entryway too! Your entryway is your home's first impression. Install wood floors and enjoy quick clean-up and timeless style, no matter the season.


Comfort is a necessity when it comes to your bedroom. Some wood types are softer than others and can change the entire look of your room. Our team at Forest Wood Flooring can help you determine the best option for your cozy living space.

Home Offices

Need office flooring that works as hard as you do? We can help! The look of your workspace can impact your self-esteem and productivity. Keep your environment professional with a clean, sleek look of hardwood floors.


Have you ever had to clean a carpeted staircase? If you have, then you know how tedious it can be. Wood flooring rarely needs to be replaced and offers a low-maintenance, modern alternative to carpet. 


Upgrade your Michigan basement with new hardwood floors! Wood flooring provides more insulation than both vinyl and tile and looks so much better. If you’re worried about moisture, we can assess the situation during your free consultation. 


Imagine it's a Sunday morning, with warm cup of coffee in your hand you enter into your sunbathed room where refinishing wood floors was recently done. Our goal is to create a peaceful and pleasing environment for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. 

Create your dream home. Book a free consultation and tell us how we can make your inspiration a reality.

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